Top 10 Alternative Energy Sources

Below we have 10 of today’s and tommorrow’s alternative energy sources

Now is an exhilarating time to be around regarding alternative energy sources. We will be in a great position to see dirty fossil fuels replaced by clean renewable energy sources. And it is already happening….

1. Nuclear fusion
Nuclear fusion is a reaction in which the nuclei of 2 or more atoms become near enough to produce 1 or more separate nuclei and neutrons and protons. (The two latter entities are called subatomic particles).

There is a large amount of energy release due to the major difference between the mass of the products and reactants.

This mass difference arises because of the sudden change in binding energy before and after the reaction.

2. Flying wind farms

3. Bio-fuels

Alabama Gets First-In-World Carbon-Negative Algae Biofuel

4. Solar windows

5. Nuclear Waste

6. Geothermal heat

7. Hydrogen (fuel cells)

8. Tidal Power
Electricity can be generated in the future by tidal power. Wind and solar power are less predictable than the tides. We have lots of information on tides. In the past the cost of implementing tidal power and the lack of suitable sites has ruled it out as one of the alternative energy sources.

But the latest technological advances and information about tides means that there are actually more sites suited to tidal power than previously calculated. And now the cost can be reduced to make it more financially viable.

In the past mills have been employed in conjunction with the tides on the North American Atlantic coast and in Europe. It was used to power mechanical grain milling machines. Even earlier instances have been noted in Roman times and the Middle Ages. Producing electricity from moving water and turbines didn’t happen in the United States until the 19th century.
Jiangxia Tidal Power Station alternative energy sources

9. Human Power

10. Space-based solar power

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